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The economy is part of the solution.
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We believe in the positive connection between entrepreneurial success and sustainable action. With good stories of success, we want to inspire Swiss entrepreneurs to take responsibility and seize the great opportunities of corporate sustainability.

Every year, the «Green Business Award» evaluates the best solutions in Switzerland that combine ecological innovations with economic success.

Green Business Award

The «Green Business CEO Rating» is the national barometer for the sustainability impact of the CEOs of the largest Swiss companies. It is published in the business magazines BILANZ and PME.

The "Green Business Community" brings together Swiss pioneers of sustainable entrepreneurship. Leaders who have distinguished themselves through outstanding performance in the context of the Green Business Awards, the Efficient Solution Label of Solar Impulse, the Technology Fund or the Watt d'Or are invited.

«Green Business Global» brings Switzerland's best solutions and leaders to the international stage: including Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers.